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Pixlr Editor

Don't have the money to buy Photoshop ? But still wish to edit your photos.

Load the web page at and you may be amazed that you're not looking at Photoshop: You see the same toolbar running down the left, with crop, lasso, marquee, wand (alas, no "magic"), pencil, brush, eraser, bucket, gradient, clone stamp, smudge, and lots more. You even get tooltips telling you what the tools are when you hover the cursor over them. On the right, you'll see panels for layers, history, and a navigator. The app—I mean site—offers adjustments for levels and curves, and many many effects, including water swirl, kaleidoscope, night vision, selective blurs, and mimicking HDR, and it's FREE to use.

Pixlr Tutorials

Here you will find some tutorials on using Pixlr Editor..

View a quick tutorial on the tools in Pixlr Editor.

Pixlr Tutorial & Training - 1 Hour 21 Minutes - 32 Chapters by Chris Hooper. This is a very good video on the basic techniques and usages of the tools found on Pixlr's fantastic photo and image editor program that can be used directly online at: